Locus 2019

Locus 2019 is coming soon – with the same thirst for technological growth as ever. 

Highlights of LOCUS 2018


Note from the dean

Professor Dr. Tri Ratna Bajracharya Dean, IOE

It is my pleasure to introduce the LOCUS, a National Technological Festival of IOE Pulchowk Campus, which presents an opportunity for young students in the field of Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering to show case their talent and get an exposure to real world. LOCUS is a three day long exhibition with many pre-events and post events. The organizing team of LOCUS is keen to go the extra mile to make it a successful and memorable event. An event like this requires vigorous planning and the work starts months before the event. The organizing team needs robust support from many companies and organizations. This collaboration has given the companies and organizations to increase their brand value in the student community and among the thirty thousand plus visitors of the event. LOCUS and IOE Pulchowk Campus would be delighted to culminate this association into a mutual and perennial relationship.

Hardware fellowship is the new event in LOCUS. This event is for all the hardware enthusiast who are looking to just start new projects and career in hardware irrespective of their faculty and studies level. This is a grand introduction course which has wide range of topics containing simple to advance hardware topics. This student interactive course designed by the expert personnel contains various assignment and demonstration of every topics related hardware setups. A small project is also done by the end of the course as a course output. Every hardware enthusiast are asked to take advantage of this course Learn More


Event at Pulchowk Campus

Pulchowk Campus, the central campus of the Institute of Engineering was established in 1972 (2029 B.S) as one of the constituent campus of the Institute of Engineering and is situated at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. Since its establishment, it has become the center of excellence of engineering education in Nepal enormously perspectives and talents brought in from a variety of backgrounds. Campus strives to produce unique and diverse brains who can contribute to the growth of Nepal in all sense.

major events

Some of the major events in LOCUS

These Locus Events are one of the widely anticipated technology events across the country with participation from hundreds of students. 

For the first time in Nepal!

ROBOLOCUS 2019 will be fully dedicated in sharpening the skills of students and everyone involved from its participating institutions. It is our strong belief that this competition will be a good platform to expand as well as uplift the Robotics Community from the basic level.

Energy Hackathon

Energy Hackathon will be back to Locus 2019 providing a complete platform for solving energy related challenges with a prime motto enabling Energy Access, Reducing Energy Waste and Improving Energy Efficiency and aims to solve the energy problems of Nepal through collaborative efforts of students and amateur working in Energy sectors


Code Camp is a comprehensive platform for students and young researchers to unleash their potential to develop their ideas into useful applications. Within a short interval of time, students are required to present their idea, frame it into a functional application using their skill-set, and justify their efforts to win the competition.

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Hack-a-week is one of the pre-events being organized by LOCUS as a means to bring together developers, programmers and tech-enthusiasts and stimulate them to get involved in a competitive and innovative challenge. Hack-a-week aspires to become a hub to amass large number of enthusiasts coming from different disciplines working together to come up with impactful solutions in raging issues


Robo Warz

Robo Warz is a war between two robots. The robots are vehicular with differential or omnidirectional drive. The game is about pushing the opponent robot outside the circular or hexagonal Arena.The Last Robot standing in the arena will be the Winner of the game.



Drones are the unmanned aerial vehicles capable of autonomous or manual flight. Drones have been emerging technology in the world and its use has been in widespread areas.


Locus Project Competition

All students interested to showcase their projects are lined up against each other to select the winner for the best projects.

With the advancement of science and technology in the globe and sharing a boarder with two big technology hub nations, Nepal cannot remains in darkness or without their influences. As our country itself is in developing phase so is the technology. However, the progress it has made in recent years in the field of science and technology is very much satisfying. Different software and IT companies are making an impact on global scale. Engineering graduates are being inspired to establish their own startup

Locus committee 2019

The new face of LOCUS

We’re committed to excellence as we look to spearhead a successful Locus 2019

Subash Ghimire


Shristi Shrestha

Chief Correspondance

Barun Pandey

Marketing Manager

Ashish Paudel

Event Manager

Sudeep Thapaliya

Finance Co-ordinator

Mitalesh Yadav 

Exhibition Manager

Sunidhi Amatya

Resource Manager

Arjun Khatiwada

Human Resource Manager

Spandan Pyakurel 

Media Co-ordinator

Deepak Kandel 

Technical Manager

Thakur Paudel 

Electrical Event Co-ordinator

Suman Sapkota

Software Co-ordinator

Subash Timalsina

Hardware Co-ordinator

Suraj Aryal 

Public Relations Manager

Sisuma Jha

Magazine Co-ordinator

Locus is the destination to showcase your big project

With more than 30000 visitors annually, and with partnerships with numerous top technology giants in the country, Locus is the perfect destination to showcase your big idea/project. 


Competition builds quality

Every year LOCUS conducts many skill development programs, competitive hardware, software and electrical events among students from various national level colleges as well as non-competitive events like exhibition, seminars, paper presentation, gaming competitions, simulation competition and many more providing a platform for interaction and healthy competition among creative minds in technical fields and marketing management.

Media Outreach

LOCUS, being the biggest national level technological festival. Media like newspapers, TV Channels, online news portals and technological websites rush to cover the activities of LOCUS. We have a good audience access from different social networking sites.

what makes locus stand out

Why Locus?

  • Nepal's biggest Tech Festival
  • Premium Competitions
  • Quality Workshops
  • Technology to the core

Locus 2018

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