ICT: Information, Communication and Technology

Ideas bring strategies and strategies when executed bring changes. Nepal lies in between two giant nations: India and China. Within 193 km it extends from Terai plain to the Himalayan belt; the deepest canyon Andha Galchi to the highest peak Mt. Everest. ‘Heaven is a myth, Nepal is real’; this is a profound quote praising our various altitudes, greenery, culture and hospitality but a nation doesn’t uplift itself on the ground of a revolution from one great leader or the beauty bestowed beyond our understandings. The foundations of a prosperous nation are embedded through its citizens. Our sovereignty legend taught us to be independent and never bending, yet our majority lives in unfavorable situations. Few cities have privileges of sophisticated transportation, standard education, regular health checkup, daily bread  and employment but beyond that people still believe their lives will continue in utter darkness with no roof and enough bread to fill their bellies. Our government provides possible security measures to address these fundamental needs but efficiency has always been an obstacle. This is where ideas come in action and technology becomes a tool to cast them into success.

LOCUS has been a platform for engineering minds for more than a decade. Each year a theme is constructed     to      focus      on problems  one  at  a  time.  This year LOCUS 2019 has selected the  theme ‘Rural Development using ICT’ to address the rural majority of Nepal. Our targeted groups are both countryside and sub-urban population.

ICT   stands   for   Information, Communication and Technology that focuses primarily on communication technologies such as Internet, wireless networks, cell phones, and other communication mediums. In the past few decades, information and communication technologies have provided society with a vast array of new communication capabilities. For example, people can communicate in realtime with others in different countries using technologies such as instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP), and video-conferencing Social Networking websites like Facebook allow users from all over the world to remain in contact and communicate on a regular basis. All technologies that combined, allow people and organizations to interact in the digital world.

Aspects for the rural development using ICT are:

  • Food and Agriculture
  • Education and Health
  • Employment and Industry
  • Energy Mobilization