YOMARI CodeCamp 2019

Yomari CodeCamp is a two-day event in LOCUS which provides a platform for the students as well as tech enthusiasts to initiate an idea and deploy it into a useful application. The participants come up with a feasible idea which falls into one of the pre-specified category and work during the first day to convert that idea into a viable product. The participants then pitch the final product during the second day of event in front of a panel of judges and justify their efforts to win. Yomari CodeCamp is not only just a coding event, but also an opportunity for young minds to network with industry experts and like-minded enthusiasts. At Yomari CodeCamp, the main focus has always been on creating an environment where knowledge is easily shared between participants and mentors. The participants can develop their applications on any of the mentioned themes. 

Create fresh, innovative, and feasible digital solutions that will help promote Nepal, its nature and tourist spot. The products developed should be able contribute in the growth of tourism and also help make the life of tourists visiting Nepal much easier.

Includes applications involving minimal user interaction for automation of mundane tasks, automated security systems..

Develop solutions such that farmers and people in agriculture business can better face the challenges existing in the field of Agriculture. Your aim is to use technology and innovation to address some of today’s pressing problems in agriculture such as lack of proper flow of updated product information, communication and many more.

Do you have an idea for an awesome fun game/app that can kill our boring times, help us feel refreshed during bad times, or create interesting competition among friends, or even learn new stuffs with fun?

Knowledge discovery is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing the results into information that can be used in relationship identification. The applications can be as diverse as an OLAP analysis, Dashboards, Interesting data visualization, cluster analysis or any other data warehousing, data mining, or reporting concepts.

As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been on fire for all of 2017, focus has turned to blockchain, the underlying technology that powers these digital currencies. But blockchain technology has many more potential use cases and applications other than just serving as the fuel behind Bitcoin. Originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, the tech community is now finding other potential uses for the technology. By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet. We encourage you to find innovative applications across finance, business, government, and other industries including but not limited to Supply chain auditing, File storage, Protection of intellectual property, Identity management, Data management and Land title registration.

An innovative solution to bridge the gap between differently able people and today’s technology.

Got any Awesome ideas that does not fit into any particular themes as stand-out products always do ? We welcome you to submit your idea in a descriptive manner under open Innovation.


  • WINNER RS.12000
  • 1st RUNNER UP RS.7000
  • 2nd RUNNER UP RS.5000
  • BEST IDEA RS.1000

**Winners will be directly qualified for internship interview

Contact US

Alina Devkota :9843538576

Krishna Upadhyay: 9848612758

Email: locus@ioe.edu.np

Facebook: https://facebook.com/yomaricodecamp

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