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LOCUS 2019 proudly presents Robowarz 2019. Robo Warz is a war between two robots. The robots are vehicular with differential or omnidirectional drive. The game is about pushing and using the mentioned weapon as in the rulebook to the opponent robot in the circular or hexagonal Arena.The Last Robot standing in the arena will be the Winner of the game.

The mode of the game can be automatic and manual. There can be operators to manually drive the robot or robot may be automatic. The robots are to be placed at the starting points and operator should switch the robot, when the start whistle blows. The robots are required to use weapon or push the opponent’s robot out of the arena. Only the weapons mentioned in the rulebook can be used.

If the robots get locked with each other without any movement for more than 20 Seconds then the referee will Signal calling for a break. The participants are required to place their robots at the starting points and resume the War.

For further information:
Visit LOCUS office, IOE ,Pulchowk Campus
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Subash Timilsina (Hardware Coordinator) – +977 9846778497
Suraksha Sharma (Robowarz coordinator)– +977 9860454675
Ashish Paudel (Event Manager) – +977 9860307850

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