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Robo Warz

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Deadline: 20th Magh

Robo Warz is a war between two robots. The robots are vehicular with differential or omnidirectional drive. The game is about pushing the opponent robot outside the circular or hexagonal Arena.The Last Robot standing in the arena will be the Winner of the game.

The competition is carried out in beginning group stage round and knockout round. Competitors have to bring their robot ready to battle and are pitted against their competitor’s robot one on one match where the match will be won by either pushing the opponent’s robot out of the arena or by claiming the opponent’s flag.

Game Play (Competition Format)

  • All the pre-knockout matches will be group stage match and 6 minutes long. Two robots will go head to head and the winner will proceed to next level. All ties will be settled by a tie breaker.
  • The final match will be best of three with each set 4 minutes long. 2 minutes break between each sets.

Game Procedure

Contestants are urged to thoroughly go through all the below mentioned rules which will be strictly implied during the match

  • Two opponent teams must be ready for battle within 2 minutes of the announcement. A team’s failure to appear in the arena within the time frame is considered a loss for the team. Additional delay may be permitted by the Referee, at their discretion.
  • Once the time starts robot must move at least 10 inch within 30 seconds or the team will be given first warning. Second time will be considered a disqualification.
  • Out of the arena is defined as 100% of the robot is out of the arena as seen from the top view.
  • In case the robot stops moving for straight 30 seconds, it will be considered as disqualification.
  • Two flags (one for each robot) will be placed inside the arena at two PRE-SPECIFIED opposite ends after 2 minutes of start of the battle. The robots’ aim now will be to defend their flags and try to take down the flag of the opponent by pushing the flag out of the arena. Now, the robot which claims the opponent’s flag first or pushes opponent’s robot out of the arena will be declared the winner.
  • At any moment during the game before opponent’s flag is claimed if a robot pushes its opponent out of the arena, it will be declared the winner.
  • After pushing the opponent’s flag or robot outside the arena, the robot must stay inside the arena until the referee whistles the winning whistle. In case one robot falls out of the arena exactly simultaneously with opponent’s flag before the referee whistles, the falling robot will lose the match. And if both the robots fall simultaneously out of the arena before referee’s whistle, a rematch will be held.
  • If both robot fail to take down their opponent’s flag or fail to push their opponent out of the arena, then the match will be declared a tie. If the match is a group stage, each robots will get 1 point. In case of a knock out match, the tie will be settled by a tie-breaker.
  • Ties in a knock out match will be settled by a tie-breaker, where both robots will be placed in the middle tie-breaker zone of the arena. The robot first to send its opponents out of the tie-breaker zone will win the tie-breaker.
  • All the judgements rendered by the Referee about whether a robot has lost the battle or the battle has ended is final and may not be appealed. 

The Robot

A team must build and bring a well-constructed, autonomous or wirelessly manual (preferred) robot whose purpose is to push, throw, flip, drag or otherwise move your opponent out of the arena within the given time and claim the opponent’s flag. The following section entails all the rules and regulations regarding the robot; please be sure to read them thoroughly and refer them while you build your robot.

Technical Inspection:

  • Robots must pass a technical inspection assigned by the referee/ or assigned staff prior to being permitted to compete.
  • Referee would check the size of the robot, any loosen parts, possible impact of attack that may cross the safety criteria, etc.
  • Robots that fail technical inspection cannot proceed to compete until the team rectifies the identified problems and passes the re-inspection.

Size and Weight Constraints:

  • The robot must fit within a box of 0.4m x 0.4m x 0.4m dimensions before the start of battle. Once the battle starts the robot can expand its parts.
  • Nothing can intentionally detach from robot. Robots will NOT be immediately penalized if pieces detach as a result of breakage. In case of repeated breakage, the referee may invalidate a battle, request certain remedies be taken or disqualify a team.
  • The maximum wait allowed is 9kg including batteries.
  • The batteries must be protected within the body shell and securely fixed to minimize the chance of being punctured or coming loose during the battle. Maximum allowed voltage range is 24V.

Arena Constraints:

  • The battle arena will be either circular or octagonal with 8 feet diameter.
  • The size of the tie-breaker zone inside the arena will be of 4 feet diameter. 

Weapon Criteria:

  • A robot can incorporate an active weapon which is designed ONLY TO push, throw, flip, or drag the opponent’s robot. Weapon’s description MUST be included in your application form for approval.
  • Heat, fire and water are PROHIBITED as weapons.
  • Weapons that can cause a serious physical damage such as a hammers are NOT allowed.
  • Weapons designed to cause invisible damage to robots through electricity, RF noise, Electromagnetic fields, etc. are NOT allowed. 

Rules and Regulations

Compliance with all event rules is mandatory. It is expected than competitors stay within the rules and do not require constant policing,


A team consists of two or more members. Each team must have a captain. The captain will be responsible for communication with the referee. The team can replace their captain during the competition. The team is allowed to have only the captain and an assistant team member beside the battle arena during the game play.

Safety Inspections:

  • Robo Warz will be operating safety and rule compliance checks prior to any robot competing or testing during the event. It is at the inspector’s sole discretion that your robot is allowed to compete. As a builder you are obligated to disclose all operating principles and potential dangers to the inspection staff.
  • You are strongly encouraged to contact us privately via email or phone if you have any doubts with regard to safety hazards. Staff will not divulge information provided in this way before the end of the competition. However we can make no guarantees about leakage of information due to hacking, electronic or physical eavesdropping.

 Robot Maintenance:

  • Teams have exactly 2 minutes between battles for them to perform any adjustments they want to their robot with the explicit exception of altering the software of the robot in any way.
  • Teams may not add or remove mechanisms or components except to replace them with identical components.
  • Teams unready after this time elapsed will receive a warning. On further violation of this time limit, the referee may judge the violating team has forfeit the match. 

Competition Information:

Venue: Pulchowk Campus, Lalitpur

Event Date: 20th and 21st of Magh, 2074

Registration Fee: Rs 1500

Registration Mode: Online

1st prize : 15000

2nd prize: 7000

For any Query,

Call :

Rohan K. Sunar – 9803180553

Sabin Acharya – 9845195457

Shankar Shrestha – 9803352237

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