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Date: 3rd and 4th Feb, Venue: Pulchowk Campus

Logpoint Code-Jam is one of the pre-events being organized by LOCUS as a means to bring together
developers, programmers and stimulate them to involve in a competitive and innovative
challenge. It is two long event in which a number of participants engage in coding to solve the
particular problem assigned to them. The event will have two levels for the fair competition .viz
Beginners and Advanced.

Logpoint Code-Jam aspires to transcend the boundaries of primitive coding method and involves a series
of proceedings where technique and algorithm are used to evaluate the participant expertise. The
main intention of this event is to provide experience to participants with knowledge-intensive
processes. In the end, participants will get a chance to bring their algorithm, skill to grow and
prosper personally and contribute to IT development in the society and the nation as a whole.

Logpoint Code-Jam – 2018 aims to continue the legacy of LOCUS by adding more competitive problems,
introducing a new way for open challenges and coming up with exciting prizes


Beginner level                                Advanced level

1          Winner                                  5,000                                                 8,000
2          First runner up                 3,000                                                 4,000
3          Second runner up           2,000                                                  3,000

Levels for Logpoint CodeJam 2018:


Beginners’ level is particularly targeted to the participants who have just started coding/programming. The main task for them is to solve the problem in the allocated time. The Time and space complexity of the code and algorithm will not be taken in account.


Advanced level is particularly targeted to the participants who have good knowledge in field of coding/programming. This year’s advanced level’s round 2 is going to be more interesting because this time the selected competitor for round 2 has to complete a real life practical task given. Judging will be done not only upon successful completion but also upon the optimal code structure, optimization and the means of the completion of the task.

Note: Knowledge of higher level programming language is highly suggested for advanced level competition.


Advantage for participants:

● To shape ideas into algorithms.
● To get extensive knowledge on optimization of program and the challenges therein.
● To get involved in healthy competitions among talented peers.
● To win exciting prizes.
● To bolster the culture of computer science individually and globally
● Fellowship among peer groups and tech-enthusiasts.

Program Structure:

The program is scheduled to be held in two days.
In the first day,
The first day is a selection round, where participants are given a simpler problems that need to be solved programmatically in the given time frame. Points will be given according to the efficiency of the code. The number of participants getting selected for the second round in both the levels are:

Beginner       10
Advanced      10

In the second day,
The second day is the final round of the code jam. The problems in this round will be comparatively complex. One winner, and two runner-ups will be selected in both the levels. The winners will be provided with the cash prize on the closing ceremony of LOCUS 2018.

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