Drones are the unmanned aerial vehicles capable of autonomous or manual flight. Drones have been emerging technology in the world and its use has been in widespread areas. Nepal also has been a part of this drone revolution and to further help Nepal grasp this technology LOCUS 2019 is going to organize drone competition named “Dronacharya” as the main event in the LOCUS exhibition.

1   Contest Outline


  • The Contest will consist of multiple games between competing teams.
  • A Game will consist of Two teams. Each team will have one (1) drone according to the specification .
  • A Game will be 5 minutes long.
  • There will be two rounds in contest:
  1. Group league Round
  • Teams will be divided in group of three (3) teams, and one (1) team will advance from each group to Knock-out round.
  • If one (1) team remains, two (2) groups each of two (2) teams will be created. (eg. in case of ten (10) teams)
  • If two (2) teams remain, a group of the remaining two (2) teams will be created. (eg. in case of eleven (11) teams)

2. Knock-out Round

  • Top teams selected from Group league round will compete further.


2    Game Procedure

     a. Set Up

  1. Before a game, there is one (1) minute for each team to set up, moving the drone to the starting zone.
  2. Three (3) team members shall be allowed to participate in the set-up.
  3. The set-up time will start right after the signal from referees and will end right after one (1) minute.
  4. If a team fails to complete its set-up within the given one (1) minute, the team may resume set-up after the start of the game by obtaining permission from the referee.


     b. Start of the game

  1. When the set-up time is over, referees will signal to start the game.


     c. End of the game

A game is considered over when one of the following is fulfilled.

  1. One of the team, completes the game i.e. Drone lands on EZ following the specified (in 2.e.10) order.
  2. The specified 5 minutes of the game is over.


     d. Team member during the game

  1. The pilot and one (1) team member will be inside the game field controlling and monitoring the drone.
  2. If the drone, fails (falls) during the game, only those members inside the field are allowed to reposition and repair the drone.


     e. Game-play

  1. The Drones will start at their respective Start Zone ( SZ ).
  2. Upon start of the game, the drone will fly towards End Zone ( EZ ).
  3. There will be three (3) checkpoints between SZ and EZ.
  4. A checkpoint will have Rectangular table ( RT ) according as in specification section.
  5. If the drone fails (falls) between two checkpoints, the drone should be relocated to the last passed checkpoint for retry.
  6. Drones are required to pass through these checkpoints and Circular Rings( CR ).
  7. There will be two types of CR: Horizontal CR ( H-CR ) and Vertical CR ( V-CR ).
  8. Passing through CR means to fly through the ring. Passing through RT checkpoint means landing on the table.
  9. The game-field will have following course order: “SZ, V-CR, V-CR, RT, V-CR, H-CR, RT, H-CR, V-CR, RT, V-CR, V-CR, EZ” . As depicted in game-field section.
  10. The drone should pass through the course in specified (2.e.9) order.
  11. Drone passing through both V-CR and H-CR will earn 10 points. Drone that reach RT will earn 5 points. Drone reaching the End Zone (EZ) will earn 30 points.


3    Winning

A team will be selected as winner of the game with following priority.

  1. Game completion:     The team that completes the game first.
  2. Points earned:     The team with maximum points at the end of 5 minutes.
  3. Drone weight:     The team with minimum drone weight.
  4. Referee decision


A special prize is available for a team that completes the course run without any retries in minimum time.


4    Disqualification

If a team is deemed to have committed the following intentionally, the team shall be disqualified for that game.

  • Any acts that pose danger to the game field, its surroundings, the drones, and/or people.
  • Any other act that goes against the spirit of fair play.
  • Any act of disobedience against a referee’s warning.
  • When team fails to be present within 2 minutes, after calling team name for their match.

5    Technical Specification


  • Maximum size : The whole body of drone should fit inside a square of 600mm x 600mm including the propellers in any  orientation.
  • Maximum battery voltage : The maximum battery voltage is 16 Volts. Equivalent to 4-cell Lipo-Battery.
  • Maximum Weight: The maximum weight of drone is 2 kg.  There will be penalty of 5 points per extra 50 grams.
  • Number of Propellers: There is no restriction on number of propellers of the drone.



  • The game-field is a 5200mm x 4500mm rectangle.
  • It will be divided into two fields for each team.
  • Each field will have identical obstacle course.
  • Two fields will be separated by Net to avoid drone collision.


Game-field Elements

  • Circular rings ( H-CR and V-CR) will have diameter of at least 800 mm.
  • H-CR will be  1400mm high from ground.
  • Center of V-CRs will have different height, between 1900 mm and 1200mm.
  • SZ, EZ and RT will be rectangular with dimension 800mm x 800mm.
  • The height of RT will be 900mm from ground.
  • These Dimensions are subject to change, and registered teams will be notified of change.
  • The teams will have a chance to test their drone in field a day before the actual contest.


6    Others

  • For anything not mentioned in this Rule Book, the teams are required to obey the decisions of the organizers and referees.
  • Dimensions, weights, etc. of the game field described  have a margin of error of plus or minus  5%  unless otherwise stated.
  • The gamefield specification are subject to minor variations, registered team will be notified of such variations.


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