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LOCUS 2019 proudly presents Dronacharya 2019. Dronacharya is a drone competition as the main event in the LOCUS exhibition which will be held on 24th, 25th and 26th of Magh.

How to Play?
Drones particularly quadcopters will participate in the game. Each game will be between two teams. The game will be Points Based. The drones will start from an elevated platform and end the game by landing in another elevated platform. The drones are required to pass through obstacles such as individual circular rings or a tunnel of circular rings as mentioned in the rulebook. On passing through each obstacle and lifting the mentioned load, the team will gain points. The team completing the task is declared winner otherwise the team with the maximum points will win the match.

For further information:
Visit LOCUS office, IOE ,Pulchowk Campus
Facebook: Locus.ioe

Prastav Pokhrel (Dronacharya coordinator)– +977 9868837840

Subash Timilsina (Hardware Coordinator) – +977 9846778497
Ashish Paudel (Event Manager) – +977 9860307850

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