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Hack-a-week is one of the pre-events being organized by LOCUS as a means to bring together developers, programmers and tech-enthusiasts and stimulate them to get involved in a competitive and innovative challenge. Hack-a-week aspires to become a hub to amass large number of enthusiasts coming from different disciplines working together to come up with impactful solutions in raging issues. It is a week long event in which a number of innovative participants engage in teams of collaboration to fashion out some product in forms of software development, business modeling and ambitious marketing campaign, which revolves around one of the three themes.


The themes for this year being Art and Culture, Social Impact and Entertainment.

Art and Culture

Art and culture establishes and distinguishes identity of a person, community and nation as a whole. All you need is to express it in a form of technology that could be mobile apps, games, wearables,etc.


Entertainment is the most sought category in any application market. Here, focus on applications ranging from immersive games to educational apps revolving around entertainment.

Social impact

Social Impact is the effect of an activity on the social fabric of the community and the well-being of the individuals. Come up with ideas for better opportunities and availability, and a better society.

Rs. 15,000/-

cash prize in each category!

Selected Ideas

    Art and Culture

  • Congroo AR time tour
  • Code-Blooded NearU
  • Pied Piper TravelersBook
  • CultureNep CultureNep
  • A Re-Design


  • Blackhorse Qash
  • The Zillionaires UpToTheTop:Arbo
  • Kites Rush
  • Medicore Let's Count
  • team AR Board Game
  • tron ARLearn
  • 4our Life matters
  • SAP Fingerprint Voting System
  • KEC-united Fill-me Up

Event Schedule

Checkout the event timiline.

    Day 0

    Upto Jan 25, Wednesday

    • Idea registration deadline day!
    • 5 best ideas from each category will be selected by Jan 27.
    • The selected teams have to pay registration fee of Rs. 1,500/- at LOCUS office before Jan 30, 4 PM.
    Day 1

    Feb 1, Wednesday

    Event Introduction.

    Idea Pitching.

    Teams start coding.

    Day 2

    Feb 4, Saturday

    Technical mentors to guide the contestants on technical problems. Teams sprint the development of their product and start preparing final presentation.

    Day 3

    Feb 5, Sunday

    Keynote Speaker Sessions

    Business Models

    UI/UX Designing

    Teams learn presentation and business skills!

    Day 4

    Feb 7, Tuesday

    • Final Presentation, Winner Announcement.
    • The prize will be awarded on LOCUS Ceremoney.
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Registration Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

An event to transform your ideas into reality and win attractive prize. Here you can get acquainted to working in team, learn about project development and coordination, idea implementation and learn to tackle its challenges. And of course, win exciting prizes.
Anyone with the team of 2‒4 members and an innovative idea falling under one of our three categories. Participants are expected from any academic institutions throughout the valley.
Categories Winners
Social Impact Secure Immigration
StartUp Agri Metric
Games and Entertainment Survival Shooter (VR)
  • General criteria
    • Product
    • Presentation
    • Sustainability
  • Category-specific criteria

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