LOCUS 2017

Magh 29


Registration Deadline: 25th of Magh.

Become the Ultimate Drone Master

Drones are the unmanned aerial vehicles capable of autonomous or manual flight. Drones have been emerging technology in the world and its use has been in widespread areas. Nepal also has been a part of this drone revolution and to further help Nepal grasp this technology LOCUS 2017 is going to organize drone competition named "Dronacharya" as the main event in the LOCUS exhibition which will be held on 27th, 28th and 29th of Magh.

Rs. 40,000/-

Cash Prize!

How To Play?

Drones particularly quadcopters will participate in the game. Each game will be between two teams. The game will be Points Based. The drones will start from an elevated platform and end the game by landing in another elevated platform. The drones are required to pass through obstacles such as individual circular rings or a tunnel of circular rings. On passing through each obstacle, the team will gain points. The team with the maximum points will be declared the Winner.

Game Field

The gamefield with marked numbers is the left side of total gamefield. The quadcopter starts from position 1.It takes off from position 1 and passes through Ring No. 2 and then Ring No. 3 . After that it has to land in Platform No. 4.Landing on it marks the successful completion of phase 1. After that it has to pass through rings 5, 6 and then 7 in serial manner and land in Platform No. 8. It marks the successful completion of phase 2. After that the quadcopter has to take off from Platform No. 8 and pass through Rings 9 and 10 and land in Platform No. 11. It marks the successful completion of Phase 3 and the whole game as well. Successful passing through of each ring contributes 10 Points and successful landing in each of the three platforms contributes 30 points. To earn 30 points from Platform 4, it is compulsory for the participant to pass through Rings 2 and 3. To earn 30 points from platform 8, it is compulsory to pass through Rings 5,6 and 7. Similarly it is compulsory to pass through rings 9 and 10 to earn 30 points for landing in platform 11. Platforms 1, 4 and 8 are the checkpoints for each phases of the game respectively. In case the quadcopter falls or lands in the ground in any phase it will be restarted from the previous checkpoint but it will retain the points it had attained before. However it has to pass again in rings to gain 30 points on landing in the respective platforms. The quadcopter which manages to pass through the ring despite colliding with the ring will be accepted.

Diameter of the ring: 1 meter.


Everest, the world’s highest peak is a summit most people would like to conquer. The story is about a person named Ghale “घले” who is leading a team of mountaineers to the summit . The challenge starts with an avalanche breakdown above the Everest Base Camp. Usually avalanche causes a huge destruction along with large number of human deaths. However, the dreadful part is that the people who survived the avalanche die, due to the delay in rescue .Due to tough geographical conditions, it is both tedious and risky for the rescue teams to reach the affected area on time. In the contest, the drones need to locate the mountaineers and see if they have been hit by avalanche. The drone takes off from a base to reach the affected area by tracking the GPS location of the GPS carried by the mountaineers. It reaches the GPS location by overcoming several obstacles such as hill, slope, individual ring, a tunnel of rings etc. But since GPS is not accurate, it senses no human life in that location using the thermal imaging and normal cameras. The drone hovers around that location searching for people. It overcomes the obstacles to reach the exact location and finally, finds Ghale dai "घले दाई" and his team who are in good condition. After successful detection, the drone follows its return journey back to the base.


The whole body of quadcopter including propellors in any orientation should be contained in an area of 550mm x 550mm.

Maximum battery Voltage: 16V (4-Cell LiPo Battery)

Maximum Weight: 1.5KG

Penalty of 5 Points per 50g of extra weight.

Participants are required to have a test flight before the start of any game. Those participants who fail in the test flight will not be allowed to participate in the game. The approval will be given by the judging committee.

Game time: 3 Minutes.

Incase of tie between the teams, the winner will be selected on the basis of minimum completion time.

Ready-To-Fly drones are not allowed.

10 Extra points will be awarded to the Drone with minimum weight between the two competing teams.

The final decision will be made by the Organizing and/or Judging Committee.

The Rules are subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

An event to transform your ideas into reality and win attractive prize. Here you can get acquainted to working in team, learn about project development and coordination, idea implementation and learn to tackle its challenges. And of course, win exciting prizes.
Its an Open competition and anyone with a team of 2‒4 members can participate.

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