LOCUS 2017


LOCUS Art Competition is an event organized by LOCUS for the 14th National Technical Exhibition. Through this competition we hope to bring out your artistic and creative aspects to the world. LOCUS Art Competition challenges participants to bring their best artistic work in the mentioned categories.


The themes for this year's LOCUS Art Competition are Portrait, Landscape and Open.


In this theme, artists are to capture the life-like features of people as best as they can. Portraits are one of the best and simple, although extremely hard, aspect of any artisan.


As an artist, natural beauty is one of the inspirations. Further, artists develop worlds of their own utilising their imagination to the fullest extent. This category is expected to fulfill these.


Art is infinite. Thus any restrictions on any art events is not acceptable. In this category, every art that does not fall in the above mentioned categories is acceptable. From this category, we are trying to inspire and encourage every artists out there.

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Event Schedules

  • 25 Magh

    Registration Deadline

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